Music production for the mind/emotion interface.
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Insular Moon Productions® focuses on helping independent singer/songwriters find the best expression for their music and emotions. We provide a full range of music production services, from arrangement & recording of tracks through to mix-down & mastering. We also help arrange distribution and low-budget video production to support the project.
We are currently hard at work on production of the debut album from Lunarity, with the first tracks due out any day now. Check for details.
Please note that we are currently not accepting new work so we may give this project our full attention.
Insular Moon Productions® concentrates on the following goods & services:
Audio Production
* Recording & production of singles, EPs and full albums
Pre- & post-production
* Pre- & post-production editing of audio tracks
Video production
* Music video planning & production
* Management & licensing of audio & video recordings we produce
Sale of goods
* Online sales of downloads, CDs, ringtones and videos of music we produce
Insular Moon Productions LLC
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